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Infomation about borrowing an iPad

Covers protect the iPad

iPads in Vordingborg Municipality will be supplied with a shock-proof cover, which the iPad must always be kept in. During normal usage, this means that damage can be largely avoided. 


iPads are subject to the same rules as apply to other supplied teaching materials. The pupil may be liable and parents can thereby become liable for damages up to DKK 7,500 


iPads can break, and if this happens accidentally, the iPad will, by prior agreement with the school, be repaired. If the pupil or another, with the pupil’s permission, has not cared adequately for the supplied iPad – or has wilfully handled it negligently – this may entail that the cost of repair or purchase of a new iPad will be claimed from the parents. 

There will always be a concrete (case by case) assessment of whether the child’s actions incur liability or not. In the first instance, this assessment will be the task of the school and the municipality. In assessing the child’s liability, consideration will be given to the child’s age and stage of development. The pupil may be freed of liability if there is a credible and plausible explanation for why the iPad is damaged or accidentally lost. 


In these cases, it must be assessed whether, in the given situation, the pupil has cared adequately enough for the iPad supplied. If this is deemed not to be the case, the same rules apply as for lost books, for example. As with books, iPads may be brought home and, regardless of whether they are broken or lost at home or at school, the same rules apply regarding liability and replacement. 


iPads that have been damaged or stolen are covered in some cases under the parents’ liability/home insurance. However, most home insurance only covers liability for damages to borrowed material for the first 30 days of the loan period. Insurers can provide information whether they can extend coverage or whether a supplementary policy can be taken out so that the insurance covers for more than 30 days. The municipality does not however require that insurance be taken out. This is the parents’ own decision. 

Loan iPad during repair or replacement 
iPads that have been sent for repair or are due for replacement will be replaced for the period by a loan iPad. 

Read more about children's general liability on the Justice Ministry's website