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Klintholm Harbour - Service Port for Kriegers Flak

Why is Klintholm Harbour the best place to build a service port for Kriegers Flak? Here are the list of all the benefits

  • Klintholm Harbour is the closest port, both in terms of distance and sailing time, to the offshore wind farm at Kriegers Flak. 

  • The Harbour offers all necessary service facilities and permits effective passage 24/7 in all weather conditions.

  • Klintholm Harbour is home for a state-owned rescue station
  • The Harbour is less than 2 hours drive from Copenhagen International Airport.

  • It will be possible to place a helipad and a helicopter warehouse near the O&M building.   

  • The placement of an O&M building with direct access to the harbour is adopted in the local planning.

  • Strong local support for the service port from local citizens, businessmen and politicians. 

  • Many potential subcontractors in the business network.